7 Stunning Formal Hairstyles for 2020 That Will Turn Heads!

Every year formal hair trends change ever so slightly. I have sourced the Internet for formal hair styles that for sure will be a favorite for this year, and be the perfect fit for that perfect dress. Right up ahead, see the most gorgeous formal styles for 2020.

1. Messy Chignon

This gorgeous style is both whimsical and elegant while being oh so simple. Soft tousled hair, thrown up to create the most beautiful hairstyle. You literally can not go wrong with this beautiful hairstyle.

Soft, simple & gorgeous!

2. Smooth & Straight

Straight hair is so versatile and beautiful all by itself. Have your stylist blow your hair out that day for this look. This will ensure to get the most beautiful smoothness that will last. You can also add a touch of a bend if you desire as well.

3. The Va Va Voluminous

To create this amazing look we recommend adding hair extensions. You can buy track hair, which is less expensive than clip in or tape in extensions, and we will cut it into strips as desired and pin it in for the night. You will then have the hair for future styles whenever you need it. Unless of course you have lots and lots of hair!

4. The Ponytail

Ahhh one of my favorite hairstyles on the face of the planet, the ponytail. Possibilities are endless with a ponytail. Here are a few of my favorites.

I mean 🥰🥰🥰
Can I get a woot woot!
Whimsical Pony with a braid.

5. Half Up or Half Down

This one is a popular one. Here are a few options to show how different this look can be done.

Add a hair accessory to dress up.

6. Good-ole Down

Remember, your hair is beautiful just the way you are. The dress, the jewelry, the shoes. Your hair will shine no matter what. If you feel most comfortable wearing your hair down, well you do just that! Look at these inspos.

Add a slight curl.
Give a dramatic part.
Add an awesome hair accessory! Which we have absolutely gorgeous ones by the way!
Just be you ❤️

7. The Hair Accessory

We have the most beautiful hair accessories at the salon. We have clips, barrettes, combs, headbands & tiaras. One is more beautiful than the next. If your looking for a statement piece to turn heads look no


Simple headband.
This hair piece comes in silver too.
This can be worn multiple ways. Ask us to show you!
This one is a belt!
This is the same belt, but in gold.

There are endless options when it comes to finding the right hairstyle for you. Hope this helped you to find what you are looking for. Can’t wait to see which ones y’all choose. You can’t go wrong! JA xo

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